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Thank you for your interest in referring potential clients to Creative Juice Media. Your referrals are greatly appreciated, and we're excited to reward you for your support through our referral program!

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Referral Program

Program Overview:

At Creative Juice Media we believe in the power of collaboration. Our Marketing Referral Rewards program is designed to reward individuals like you for introducing us to potential clients who could benefit from our exceptional marketing services.

How It Works:

Refer: Share the contact details of businesses or individuals who might be interested in our marketing services.
Connect: We'll reach out to your referrals and introduce them to our services.
Convert: If your referral becomes a paying client, you earn fantastic rewards!


For every successful referral that converts into a paying client, you'll receive:

Tier 1: 10% of the first project's value as a cash reward.
Tier 2: An additional 5% of the second project's value if the referred client continues working with us within the first six months.
Plus, Special Bonuses:
As a token of our appreciation, for every fifth successful referral, you'll receive a bonus reward of £200.

How to Refer:

Simply complete our referral submission form at or email us at with the subject line "Referral Program". Include your name, contact details, and the contact information of your referral.

Terms and Conditions:

Referrals must not be existing clients of Creative Juice Media
Rewards will be issued within 30 days of the referred client's initial payment.
Cash rewards will be sent via Bank transfer/ PayPal.
Bonuses will be awarded once the fifth referral's payment is confirmed/ Client confirms a product worth £5000 on the first deal.
Referred clients must sign a contract and engage in a project worth at least £500 to qualify.
Creative Juice Media reserves the right to modify or terminate the program at any time.

Start Earning Today:

Join our Marketing Referral Rewards program and help businesses thrive through our top-notch marketing services. Together, we can make a difference and grow success.

Thank you for being a part of our journey!

Creative Juice Media